The days are long!

Carl works 10-hr days Wed – Sat, off Sun, Mon, and Tues. These 10-hr days are long! For him too. But he is doing very well, and pursuing opportunities in another department that is more advice-oriented. Also studying hard for the Chartered Market Technician test coming up in April. This is a big deal, folks, equivalent to the Certified Financial Planner, and would lift Carl into a whole new arena work-wise.

I’ve been trying to knit, and just can’t get settled down for any stretch of time. But it’s ok. Just that much more enjoyable when I can! I really like Ravelry. If you knit, crochet, spin, design with fiber/yarn, and don’t know about it, YOU MUST GET ON THEIR WAITING LIST. It will take a few weeks, but will be a nice surprise when you get that email that says you can sign on. Trust me.

Biggs had to have surgery today on his leg. He had a cyst-like thing the vet said would eventually burst and bleed everywhere, so we had it removed today. Poor puppy. His leg’s all wrapped up and we have to put an empty IV bag over his foot when he goes outside, on the leash, to keep it from getting dirty. I’m glad I already bought the yarn I was eyeing! Couldn’t justify it after the vet bill. 😦 But we have to take care of the dogs and cats.

We were supposed to get snow today but that never happened. It’s been really nice here, but we could just about say that any day! We have sunshine 2 out of 3 days here. And it’s dry. Ahhhh.

Toodles for now!

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