It’s a good day.

I’m having a good day today! Mainly because I am expecting two separate yarn orders in the mail, and also…I ordered a (used) copy of Susanna Lewis’ book Knitted Lace: A Workbook… this morning!! Woohoo!! With expedited shipping so it should be here when we get back from Arkansas. I’m so excited. I have wanted this book for it seems so long, thinking it was just a dream that would not be fulfilled.
Anyway, we love books, and my husband has several very old books in the same price range, so he could not object when I discussed it with him this morning. I do have to start selling some of my books and other things we want to unload – er, find a new home for. I guess I could use eBay again. Maybe Ravelry has a place for non-knitting books, other items people are selling. I have some antique chandeliers I’ll never get around to re-wiring, and lots of books. Oh, and yarn too, mostly acrylic.
I guess collecting is in my blood; my grandmother was an antiques dealer. Another ancestor was a weaver and I think spinner (commercial, back in the 1700’s or 1800’s) so fiber is in my blood too. This explains my love of doing things by hand and making things from scratch, and being drawn to old things like embroidered linens, knitted lace, homespun fabrics, and handmade textiles and furniture. And baking bread, and homebrewing; I’d like to explore making wine and mead too. I love things that connect us to our past.
I hope you have many good days too.
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