Arkansas Trip, Mar 08

We left Sunday morning, not as early as we’d hoped but that’s ok. Stayed the night in Tulsa, and got back on the road after a very disappointing free breakfast, which was a rip-off considering the price of the room, especially considering they advertised a free hot breakfast. It consisted of pre-cooked eggs they put in a hot tray at the buffet table. Yuck. Also had some pre-cooked biscuits in another hot tray. Also yuck (I’m from the South and know my biscuits!!). That was all that was hot.

We got to our cabin late that afternoon.

Pictures of the inside are here. The cabins are arranged so we couldn’t see any other cabin from ours. It was very quiet and peaceful.

We had some family over for a birthday celebration for Carl. Here we are relaxing after a big meal with cake and ice cream for dessert. The cake was amazing. MMM.

Clockwise from bottom left: Aunt B, Me, Aunt Helen, Dad, Mom, DeLoss, Debbie.

Clockwise from left: DeLoss, Debbie, Aunt B, me.

And like at every good gathering, this is what happens after dinner.

We had a good time visiting people, touring a little museum housed in the building where I went to second grade, shopping in the park visitor center, and seeing the lakes and parts of the trails in the park. It’s a lovely park, and very well laid out. There is a bluegrass festival every summer that draws a huge crowd.

We enjoyed gorgeous weather. The last night in the cabin, we were treated to a very loud windy thunderstorm. It’s tornado country so we didn’t get much sleep that night. But we made it through and left the next morning.

In Victoria, Kansas we stopped in at St. Fidelis Cathedral. There are several very large churches that dominate the small towns along that stretch of I70, incongruous out in the open prairie. There is a Franciscan monastery at this one. That statue in the lower left corner is about 10′ tall.


We had a great time, and it’s good to be home.

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