A New Treasured Memory

My mom, who has Alzheimer’s, said something when we were visiting recently that I’ll never forget. It was just such a pure comment, coming from her random association of thoughts.

She and I were at the beauty parlor, and she was getting a perm. I was sitting near her, and while we were talking, she mentioned that she didn’t even know what color her hair is. Mom can’t make the association between looking in the mirror, seeing herself, and seeing her hair. Even if she looked in the mirror, I doubt she would remember seeing herself, and she certainly could not remember what she saw!

Anyway, when she said she didn’t know what color her hair is, I pointed to my hair, and told her it was the same color as mine (it is similar). She said very pleasantly, with a sort of innocent surprise, "Oh…silver and gold."

Although I’m sad that she doesn’t really know who I am anymore, I have this lovely memory to cherish, and I most certainly will.

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