A New Knitting Book came today!!

I ordered "Stahman’s Shawls" the other day and it arrived today (Wednesday)!! I debated on getting it, but did anyway, and am so glad I did. It’s a beautiful book. The directions are very detailed, and Myrna included very thorough information on techniques as well. I have been enjoying reading it, especially the lovely stories about how each shawl was named. It’s a keeper.
I am finally starting to feel better; only had one bout of nausea feelings today. Maybe the (homegrown) sage leaf I put in my tea this morning helped. I know it made the tea very complex tasting and delicious! Still having headaches and general weakness if I overdo but those are a bit better too. It’s about time! This has been going on for about two weeks. At least I can still knit! Well, animals permitting.
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