Obama raised almost $1mil for his Kenyan thug cousin

Read this. Jerome Corsi just got back recently from Kenya where he was digging into Obama’s Kenyan Connection. The article links to a memo prepared by someone on Odinga’s staff that shows campaign contributions. It shows Obama’s "friends" gave more than Khadaffi’s son to this guy’s campaign.
I thought it was illegal for our politicians to campaign for and raise funds for foreign candidates; if not illegal, then it is certainly unethical and questionable especially if the candidate is your cousin, and that cousin incited his followers to slaughter people who supported his opponent when he lost the election. One more example of the type of people Obama associates with.
His cousin also promised "hope" and "change" and "unity" during his campaign. Don’t take my word for it; watch this. The parallels are scary, aren’t they?
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