More government control under Obama

I caught the segment of Geraldo’s 10-25-08 show with guest Sean Hannity. Geraldo said that people are more worried about their 401k’s than Obama’s association with Ayers.

They should be worried. The Democrats are working on a bill to eliminate 401k’s and force everyone to transfer the money to, and then contribute 5% of their annual salaries per year to, a government-controlled program, on which the government has promised us a generous 3% growth per year. They are anticipating an Obama victory which will speed this measure through. This amounts, in my estimation, to government confiscating our savings. 

Here are some of my other concerns: One, squandering our social security money, which is supposed to be our retirement fund, isn’t enough for them; they want to get their hands on our life savings, under the premise that they can manage it better than we can. (Can you spell "social security?")

Two, the government now has a foothold in the banking industry.  

Three, with recent government subsidies (translation: using taxpayer money) in education finance (which helped cause the financial meltdown), the government has driven private lenders out of the education finance business, which means they now control a large percentage of our access to education. (Does Obama’s friendship with "educator" Bill Ayers worry you now? Maybe you don’t have school age children…)  

And four, Obama’s voting record shows he is not in favor of private gun ownership: He has voted against people using firearms for self defense in their own homes; he has voted to allow gun manufacturers to be sued for people misusing their products (that is like suing the auto industry every time someone gets killed by a drunk driver); he has voted to restrict gun purchases to one per month; he has voted for eliminating concealed carry permits by private citizens who qualify for them (and it’s not easy to get one); and he is in favor of restricting the type and firepower of ammunition available. I suppose he wants drug dealers and people who already don’t obey the law to be the only ones who own guns; the law-abiding citizens can’t protect themselves. 

Control our money, control our education, and take steps to render us unable to defend ourselves. Do you see a trend here? Are you now worried about Obama’s lifelong associations with radicals who hate America? You should be.

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