>How Parents Can Reclaim the US

>I know I am worried about the direction our country seems to be taking. Here is one way to get our country back on track. It is sure to succeed; we just have to be diligent, possibly make some sacrifices, and then be patient.

Please read this article, view the video, and then act on it. Talk to your pastor about starting a school. Talk to parents who already homeschool their children; some of them may be open to taking on another student or two, or perhaps you can pool your time and homeschool together.

We have to make certain things a priority, and be willing to focus on something besides OURSELVES on a daily basis in order to assure that we are not contributing to the problem, but rather working toward the solution. Please give this deep thought and then be willing to make the commitment to do whatever it takes to see this through. It can work.

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