>Letter to My Representative

>My husband emailed the following letter to Rep. Mike Coffman, R-CO. I think he expresses very well the sentiments of the majority of Americans. Well, we’re the majority until the government passes their blanket amnesty measures (and we really need to fight that one, to avert a permanent Democrat majority in this country).

Greetings, Mike.

Thanks for what you’re doing for us. Remain steadfast pursuing righteousness, honor, truth, and justice; America’s core identity, preservation and freedom.

I’m deeply concerned and angered over Obama’s desired policy changes that pertain to radical gender/sexual orientation/non-traditional marriage, and the individual, state, business and organization’s consequential loss of freedom of thought, freedom of conscience, freedom of belief, freedom of disagreement, and freedom of speech, if Obama’s policies on these subjects (and a host of others) go into effect. For the legislative enactment of such radical policies by definition will cause the loss of existing mainstream freedoms for millions of Americans (the core Americans of our country) making them the new “perceived” minority philosophically, although they remain the majority numerically!

I am also deeply concerned over Obama’s appointment of Geithner for Treasurer.

I am a disabled veteran. I volunteered to put my life on the line, if required, to preserve America’s greatness and people’s freedoms, and now I feel like those freedoms need preservation in ways I could never before imagine! I’m also a financial broker. If I did even a token of what the leaders of our financial system did to screw things up I’d lose my licenses, be fined and go to jail! Where is the sustained and effective outrage and the demand for justice? All we hear is the cry for more money (and the implied by silence absence of accountability and consequences!). The economic crisis we’re in was caused by a moral and ethical catastrophe that isn’t even getting noticed because of the center stage cry of the urgent.

Raise the issue, Mike. Please, raise the issue. The absence of morality, virtue and accountability central to the fabric of our nation birthed our social and economic mess. Where is justice? Where is sanity? Where is the American backbone to say NO MORE of this destructive social chaos run amuck and unchecked?

PLEASE: NO Geithner. NO radical sexual orientation, gender, marriage policy shifts. NO loss of freedoms now in place to accommodate “behaviors” most Americans strongly disagree with. NO Obamaland. He does not possess some unchallengeable right to America’s future to redefine this country merely because he got elected president. The American people own this country! NO extorted submission of the States to the Federal Government on items they disagree with the Federal Government on!

PLEASE, give your life (again) to preserve America. The fight is different this time, but the consequence of defeat greater than we dare consider. If you need help, please enlist me.


(name omitted from post)
(town also omitted), CO

Well said, Sweety.

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