Letter to My Senators, and to Mitch McConnell

(I am writing to you as a fellow Republican. Because there are so few of you in Congress, I feel that you represent more than just your own home constituency; you represent all Republicans.)

I would never invest in a proposal that is being shoved down my throat with the old line “you have to do it now or you will lose the opportunity.” That is what is being done with this unconscienable spending package now before you. Fear mongering to pass proposed legislation should be seen for what it is – nothing more than a blatant attempt to get it passed before it is thoroughly scrutinized, analyzed, and discussed – in short, before it can be subjected to the democratic legislative American Constitutional process, because proponents know it will not pass such scrutiny. It would die in process because it is an unbelievably bad bill.

Do not reply to me with the standard “we need to do this for the people” because nothing in this bill is for me; it’s all going to be paid to the same mismanagers who squandered their business assets in the first place and SHOULD fail. There are plenty of other honest businesspeople (who have lost their jobs, thanks to these mismanagers) to take up any slack created in our economic system by fools in top management positions who run their companies into the ground. It’s the American way.

The American people are fed up with politicians who are supposed to represent us instead of their political cronies, relatives who receive earmarks, lobbying organizations, thug organizations like Acorn and labor unions, and other “buddy-buddy” associates. We’re also fed up with politicians who don’t think they have to obey the same laws everyone else does, and still get appointed to top positions in government.

It would significantly improve our respect for our elected officials if they stand for what is right and oppose this disastrous “stimulus” bill which is nothing more than the same old “tax and spend” policies the Democrats in Congress have always wanted to implement in order to make government bigger at the expense of the rest of the country. It didn’t work for FDR and it won’t work now (or the first round, TARP, would have had an effect by now).

Stop the insanity and vote against it, I beg of you.

Leslie Severance
Parker, CO 80134

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