>How Obama Got the Nomination

>Here’s how I think Obama got the Democratic nomination.

He came up through the dubious Chicago School of Politics, and insiders say that you have to be dirty if you rise in Chicago politics.

His opponent was Hillary Clinton, who had more popular support than he had, and he knew it. She was a much stronger candidate than he was, and he knew it. And we know he does not like a level playing field.

I think he went to Nancy Pelosi and said something like, “If you get me the nomination, I will give you and your cronies whatever you want. I’ll sign a big bill with all the spending you have always wanted to push through.” (Nancy said later that the “stimulus” bill was “everything we have wanted to get passed for years.”) He may have even said something like, “I’ll be the front man, and you will actually run the country.”

I think that Nancy Pelosi was not looking forward to having to deal with Hillary as president, and knew she could not push Hillary around, so she put the pressure on, and passed Obama’s proposal around the backrooms of the electoral college.

I think that’s how Obama got the nomination. And we know he’s acting more like a front man than a president.

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