>Scholarships for Iraqi Students

>The Iraqi government wants to start a scholarship program for Iraqi students to come to American universities. The students have to agree to go back home to Iraq to use their educations for the betterment of their own country.

This is a wonderful goal. I would caution Iraq, however, not to send their students to any of our public universities if they want to study freedom and promote liberty in their country. Our public universities are for the most part nothing more than liberal, even socialist, indoctrination centers that teach how to rebel against authority, depend on the government for everything, avoid responsibility for one’s own life, and above all not to think for oneself..

The scholarships should pay for education in conservative private institutions like Hillsdale College where they are guaranteed a real education that will equip them for leadership through personal responsibility, respect for their fellow man, self-sacrifice, and doing what is right.

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