>"Mobs for Money"

>A group known as “Mobs for Money” was hired to protest at AIG execs’ homes, causing fear and intimidation and fomenting public outrage. They chartered buses and rounded up people, and drove them to their homes to frighten them and their children AT THEIR HOMES.

Did you know YOU PAID FOR THIS? “Mobs for Money” is a division of the federally-funded activist group known as ACORN. In the past, similar mobs, hired by ACORN, “worked” bank lobbies, during working hours, to force banks to make the subprime loans that led to our current financial woes.

Former employees of ACORN have testified recently to expose the ACORN “Mobs for Money” group, and by default, ACORN itself, for what it is: a group of hired thugs who use physical intimidation, agitation, and even voter fraud, at the “community organizing” level to further the left’s anti-American agenda.

Your tax dollars – I heard an estimated $2 billion in public money has been given to them – support this anti-American and even illegal activity. Of course, ACORN is just a small part of the bigger picture of the assault we in America are facing on our traditional values and our very freedoms, but we can take a small step to fight this one.

Please phone your representatives and DEMAND they cut off federal funding for ACORN and ANY organization whose business model includes physical threats, agitation, and other illegal tactics and is nothing more than a strong arm for a radical leftist agenda.

It’s time we dried up that little nut tree.

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