Disrupting and Dismantling Obama’s Strategy

When engaging in any campaign, you first identify a goal. You then identify the enemy, and your enemy’s weaknesses and strengths, and formulate various strategies to deal with those. Your strategies consist of all the tactics or specific actions you take to exploit the weaknesses, and eliminate or defeat the strengths, of your enemy. To maximize your chances of success, it is a mistake to reveal your strategy; if the enemy becomes aware of it, he can use your own strategy against you.

BO is making mistakes. In his inexperience, he has revealed his strategy. His revealed strategy is to “Disrupt, Dismantle, Defeat.” I say his “revealed” strategy, because I think we can add a couple more “d” words to the list: Distract, and Deceive. Although his revealed strategy appears to be three-pronged, it is really only two-pronged, because “defeat” is not a strategy, but the goal – another mistake that could show a superficiality, laziness, lack of precision and substance, and even arrogance. These are his weaknesses that can be exploited.

In his arrogance, he doesn’t think he has to be concerned with substance or truth. After all, not many people out there are savvy enough to pick up on his superficiality because they themselves do not think past what sounds good. They do not stop to analyze the meaning, the application, of his words. They are content with style, and interpret that as substance.

This tactic is part of his strategy: to take advantage of the weakness in Americans being so easily swayed because they do not think about what they hear. To keep people from thinking too much about what they hear, he employs other tactics: Demonizing and Destroying his detractors, who are the ones who do think about what he says. These tactics also reveal his major weaknesses, which are at the core of not only his strategy but his entire existence: arrogance and ruthlessness.

BO and his minions have spent countless hours strategizing, plotting, and devising the demise of the American way of life. We see the results of this in the legislation and social changes they are ramming through Congress and down the throats of the American people. We are being attacked on so many fronts, how do we fight all the battles they are throwing at us all at once?

We have identified some of his major weaknesses: Inexperience, superficiality, laziness, arrogance, ruthlessness; but really, only one weakness is relevant: his lack of concern for the truth. His strategy is not based on truth, and is therefore a weak strategy. One weapon will defeat such an enemy: THE TRUTH. One counter-strategy is all you need: LIVE BY THE TRUTH. Do not be Distracted from that. Do not be Deceived.

Here are the tactics for your strategy: Seek the truth. Read, write, and talk to people. Discuss issues (rationally) with your family and friends. Even if it seems they are not listening, they are, and you will have an impact. If someone gets upset, that is fine; that is Disruption! Perhaps the upset one will keep thinking about the issue, confront his or her ignorance, and seek the truth, which is the last thing BO wants; he would much prefer to keep us Deceived in our ignorance. If it seems overwhelming, pick one thing to focus on, one cause, become an expert on that one thing, and do not give up!

You have the means to Disrupt and Dismantle his tactics, and ultimately DEFEAT them. Arm yourself with the Truth, be strong and go forth in Truth, and the Truth will ultimately prevail.

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