>Rush, You Know I’m Right

>Rush, you may not be able to talk about this on your show, but this is what I see happening.

This whole engineered slide into statism, maybe globalism, we’re experiencing is because Obama and the liberals want power. That is true. They do want power: they want power over Good.

America represents all the good man can accomplish. Individual dignity, achievement, freedom, God’s goodness (and that is the “worst” good of all!), all GOOD. What we are experiencing is an attempt to tear down everything good that man can achieve.

It’s an out and out attack on GOOD perpetrated by those who are full of rage because they are not good. The attack is not just against America as an entity, but what America represents: the goodness in man that only God can put there.

Evil exists for one purpose: the destruction of good. You know I’m right.

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