>Perez Hilton

>Perez Hilton is angry. Way down deep inside. At the core of his being live the most profound anger and rage. He displays them frequently, evidently, because I heard two different people comment about the vileness he poured on Carrie Prejean that “that’s what he does,” as if to dismiss what he did. It doesn’t dismiss it.

We on the “right” are always hearing those on the “left” tell us that we’re intolerant. Actually, they usually spit it at us with venomous attacks sprinkled with profanity as well as spittle. They are angry too, but this is about Perez Hilton.

Where is HIS tolerance? Where is his gentle acceptance of who Ms. Prejean is? Where is the respect for her viewpoint that he demands for his? He is no more or less valid as a human being that he has special authority or position that give his opinions more weight than hers. As a matter of fact, his viewpoints are in the small minority in this country. Ms. Prejean’s are those of the overwhelming majority.

And that is what makes him so angry. He is angry that he is not like everyone else. He is angry that he was made different, and he takes that anger out on others by showing off, acting out, flagrantly and almost militantly violating the boundaries of common decency, and generally acting like a little caricature version of Rumplestiltskin. His parents must be so proud.

I think his anger is much better directed at his Maker. You know, they might even be able to work it out if they had a conversation about it.

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