This is Torture!

All this talk about torture and no one stating the obvious. I can’t take it anymore. Stop! I’ll tell you what you want to know!!

What is torture? Splinters under the fingernails. Pulling off the fingernails. Hanging up by the thumbs. Drilling into the teeth. Breaking bones, dislocating joints, beatings; these are torture. Actually hurting someone is torture. Causing actual physical pain or bodily harm is torture.

Scaring someone into thinking you’re going to hurt him is not torture. Telling someone you are going to put him in a room with an insect is not torture. Keeping someone awake for long periods of time is not torture (or we’d all have to prosecute our newborns!). Dunking someone for 40 seconds, with a doctor present, is not torture. Psychological tricks, like not telling someone what time it is, is not torture. Lying to someone is not torture. Tricking someone into talking is not torture.

God save us from all those bleeding hearts who think it’s ok to murder babies, but we can’t put a terrorist in the same room with a caterpillar because that’s torture. Good God. I need a drink.

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