>Time for Obama to Go

>It’s time for the United States citizens to demand that this thug presidency be ended. Obama is committing impeachable offenses by strong-arming the citizens of this country into doing what he wants. He is violating not only the Constitution but the office he holds. Illegally, I might add, since he has refused to provide proof that he is eligible.

He is violating his office and our laws every day, in order to “fundamentally change” America WHICH HE HAS NO LEGAL RIGHT TO DO. He wants to put the United States under the jurisdiction of the UN. He wants to end parental rights. He wants the government to be the only supplier of student loans so he can control the curriculum and grow a bunch of drones who will do his “national service.” He wants to weaken the military and establish his own citizen force (Acorn is the seed?). He wants control of the American economy, i.e. YOUR MONEY. He wants to end personal liberty and autonomy with HIM in control. He is a tyrant who wants to be dictator of the US.

I call for an immediate demand for impeachment of this astonishingly UNAmerican presidency before we lose our way of life. Get him out of office, because he is breaking the law and ruining our country.

In the mean time, support your local sovereignty bills. Support the effort to repeal the 16th Amendment (that would do away with FEDERAL INCOME TAX) that Judge Andrew Napolitano is advocating. Flood your elected officials’ offices with phone calls and faxes and emails protesting this rape of our country and its citizens.

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