Letter to my State Elected Officials

Dear Elected Official:

Being very concerned, even frightened, over the extreme overreaching by the federal government these days, I would like to strongly urge you all to gather all the support you can and join the movement to reclaim state sovereignty through gun legislation, as we are seeing in Montana, Utah, Texas, and now I believe Tennessee as well, that will challenge Interstate Commerce regulations.

You can appreciate the importance of this issue to the future of America, and to preserving our personal freedoms and thwarting a federal government that I believe has the tyrannical goal of destroying America as we know it by taking total control. This is being borne out in what we are seeing with the auto and banking industries, with the federal government interfering in and taking ownership in private businesses. This is unconstitutional; Obama does not have the authority to be doing these things.

Please, please, if this is not being done, get it going now. We are depending on our elected officials to PRESERVE OUR WAY OF LIFE, which means you must thwart all attempts to fundamentally change America, as Obama has promised to do and is in the process of doing.

Thank you.

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