Pelosi: Democrat Lie-Ability

Nancy Pelosi’s Lie-Ability is fast becoming a liability for the Democrat party. I wager she does not have long before she must place her head across the figurative tree stump and face the public office executioner.

She also exemplifies what is wrong with our government at its core: they do not care about the truth, but only about staying in office, and so they constantly and consistently display their Lie-Ability to the American people in order to play us for the fools they think we are. (All one has to do to confirm this is compare what they say to what they do, and to the truth.)

The least we should demand from our government is that they do not lie to us. Whether we agree with what we hear is beside the point as long as it is the truth. This is not a matter of Right vs Left, but of Right vs Wrong; and honesty in our public SERVANTS should be the concern of every citizen of this country. What is happening to Nancy Pelosi should be happening to every liar in office.

It is time for a change in regime. We need to clean house. It is time to rid ourselves of the liability of a government that practices such blatant Lie-Ability. Please do not remain a fool. Demand honesty from our elected officials. Make honesty a criteria for earning your vote, and then exercise your power to vote to get and keep these and all other liars out of office.

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