Letter to Citizens and Elected Officials

Family, Friends, and Elected Officials:

Please read this article written by Judge Andrew Napolitano. It outlines the process states can take to restrain the federal government and return it to its intended size and scope. Pay particular attention to paragraphs 2 and 3.

In addition, here is a website where state legislators and citizens can join together with those from other states to coordinate efforts to regain states’ (and citizens’) rights.

Citizens, get to know your local elected officials, especially those at the state level, and communicate with them regularly. Develop relationships with them. Your state representatives have the position to be effective here, and you have the means to let them know what you think and what you want them to do for you and for America.

Representatives, get out there and meet your constituents and listen to them. We are fed up with the prospect of overly burdensome taxes (I’m bailing out California?? Come on, now…), and the push to control speech (but only dissenting speech). We are fed up with corruption such as news agencies owned by GE giving the current administration positive press in return for government contracts. We are incredulous that the federal government is running private businesses, and getting away with it, when running the country seems to be more than they can handle. We are outraged at the federal government labeling patriotic, freedom-loving, traditional Americans “right-wing extremists,” ACORN getting taxpayer money, and hearing every day how we are less free than we were yesterday because the federal government is virtually unopposed in assuming powers not authorized by the Constitution.

Ask yourself what kind of America you want to pass on to your children. Every day, we read or hear of the federal government taking more and more control of our private lives, our businesses, our finances, even our rights to think and say what we want. Our ancestors gave their lives to win and hold onto our freedoms. Surely you can spare a little time and effort for yours and your children’s.

Live free or don’t. That’s the choice before us.

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