Census Questionnaire Invasion of Privacy

I have heard, but not yet seen, that the upcoming census includes a questionnaire that asks such questions as “what time do you leave your house for work” and other questions that most people would consider not only irrelevant to the census’ real purpose, a head count, but a gross invasion of privacy.

I have also heard that the Census Bureau is hiring ACORN to assist in the census effort. I don’t know about you, but I do not want ACORN having access to any information about me! None. Period.

Yeah, yeah, they sign agreements not to misuse the information, but in light of their other transgressions those agreements are not worth the ink it takes to sign their names. We heard ACORN’s executives say, about the widespread voter fraud their employees committed to get Obama elected, that they are not responsible for what their employees do.

So there ya go. If I get one of those questionnaires, I’m going to answer the questions honestly: “IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.” “THIS QUESTION HAS NO BEARING ON HOW MANY PEOPLE LIVE IN MY HOUSE.” “I CONSIDER THIS QUESTION AN INVASION OF MY PRIVACY.”

Will you join me in my civil protest of an out-of-control government messing in our business? They can’t come after us all!

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