The Dept. of Defense is teaching that protesters are low-level terrorists.

Incredible. This is an out-and-out blatant attempt to silence EVERYONE who has the slightest disagreements with what the government is doing. The current administration is trying to criminalize our First Amendment rights and turn us into a county that is ruled by a tyrannical, despotic government.

While he is attacking our rights, Obama is creating an atmosphere of paranoia, mistrust, deception and dishonesty in this country, and I believe he wants to be our dictator.

He cannot tolerate criticism, he cannot tolerate opposing viewpoints, he uses coercive, strong-arm, thug tactics to force his will on people, and he is flagrantly violating the Constitution and NO ONE IS STANDING UP TO HIM.

We are not going to be free if people don’t start standing up. Right now, I’m prouder of the Iranians than I am my fellow Americans (some of them, anyway).

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