>Warning to the World: Obama Does Not Believe in Freedom!

>Do not listen to what he says; watch what he does. He says he does not want to be running the auto industry, and then took it over. He still says he does not want to be running the auto industry but has government employees overseeing everything they do.

He says he does not want control of the banking system, but will not allow banks to pay back the bailout money that came with all sorts of government strings (government control) attached. He says the way to economic health is through the private sector, as he makes move after move to sieze government control of more and more of the private sector.

He says “people should be free to speak their minds” while kicking conservative reporters off his plane during the campaign; phoning Bob Basso (Thomas Paine of YouTube fame) and telling him to tone it down; calling for “localism” and other euphemisms for government control of radio content; not calling on reporters who work for conservative news organizations; calling any opposing views to his agenda or policies “attacks.”

He says he believes in the right of citizens to keep and bear arms, but voted for gun control measures while a senator and continues to support restrictions on gun ownership.

He says we will be able to keep our own doctor and our own insurance plan, while designing a plan for health care that experts agree will drive private insurers out of business.

He says he is running a transparent administration while spending almost $1 million to keep his personal records hidden from the public; not releasing his campaign donor list (except to Acorn who used the information to raise money for his campaign, which was illegal); being less than honest about his past relationships with people of questionable character and dubious political leanings; distracting us with bonus outrage at AIG while quietly paying Fannie and Freddy executives millions more in bonuses than the AIG executives received.

He says he is working for bi-partisanship in Washington while his administration has meeting after meeting on policies and legislation that shut Republicans out of the process.

He campaigned on transparency and honesty but continues to make political moves that resemble political payback for those who contributed heavily to his campaign, like Acorn, the SEIU, the UAW, Immelt, and others who have displayed “loyalty;” while doing backroom deals and using coercion to force executives to go along with his plans or be ruined by the Left-Wing Propaganda Machine Masquerading as the American Press. (One of those executives referred to BO as “dangerous.”)

Do not believe him when he says he is for individual rights, even though he calls them “human rights.” He is for a socialist state, with a select group of leaders at the top, and everyone else waaaaay down on the bottom, unable to achieve anything, unable to speak out, unable to defend themselves against a tyrannical governing body, having to depend on the government for EVERYTHING because there is no more individual achievement, no more private sector.

Beware, World, this man – and now his minions. His community organizing group, ACORN, is now going global, and changing their name to Community Organizations International. This is the group that, in conjunction with the SEIU, and funded by George Soros and his ilk, hires mobs to intimidate people and companies into doing his bidding. Perhaps this is the “civilian force” that he thinks should be stronger than the military, that he promised us during his campaign.

His actions do not match his words. Do not listen to what he says; watch what he does. And watch your back.

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