>It’s NOT about Health Care

>The politicians have taken the problems in our health system and twisted them to their purposes once again. Obamacare is not about getting everyone quality health care. Every person in this country already has access to quality health care. Just walk into any emergency room and you will be treated regardless of your ability to pay.They’re purposely muddying the discussion.

The discussion should be about INSURANCE. Not everyone has INSURANCE. But if they can make you think it’s about health care for poor children, they will do that in order to get it passed so they can gain more control over our lives.

Dishonest. And, sadly, typical.


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  1. >You're correct! We have the right in this country NOT to have insurance if we don't want it, unless this bill gets passed. I heard today that the bill, on page 16, would make it illegal for anyone to get private health insurance. So if you get fired, and are without coverage, your only option would be to go on the government plan.Nice, huh?

  2. >Not everyone WANTS insurance, either.

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