>Letter to Senators re: HR 3200


The numbers of uninsured being reported have been grossly overstated. Adjusting for illegal aliens and young people who do not want insurance, the actual number of uninsured (out of inability to pay) is estimated to be at only 10% of the population.

I am among the 80% of Americans who are happy with their current coverage and do not want any government overhaul of our entire health system in order to insure 10% of our population.
If this healthcare reform is truly about reform, and not about control as most people now believe, there are much more sensible ways to provide coverage for those people than destroying what DOES work.

1) Utilize your Constitutionally enumerated power to facilitate interstate commerce by lifting the restrictions on crossing state lines to buy insurance coverage. This will TRULY increase competition, an excuse the White House is using to try to convince people to support this massive change.

2) Let those without insurance receive medical care at any emergency room regardless of ability to pay. Oh, wait, we already do that.

3) Encourage doctors to set up cash payment options with low fees for those unable to afford insurance. Oh, wait, we already do that too.

4) Encourage setting up low-cost walk-in clinics for those unable to afford insurance. Oh, silly me, we do that already also!

Hmm, I can’t think of any other things besides No. 1 above that we aren’t already doing that would truly be a solution.

Under no circumstances, however, do I EVER want a “public” option. I know what “public” means; it is the opposite of “private” and means “government controlled.”

It is time you stood up and represented your constituents. The government in America works for the people. It does not rule the people.

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  1. >You are very well-informed – I had no idea it was that low! Thank you. This administration keeps saying everything is a crisis; I don't know how we ever got along with them. (TOTAL SARC)

  2. >Tort reform as well. That would solve a multitude of problems.I've heard from several sources that number of people unable to obtain insurance is approximately 3 million–only 1% of the LEGAL population. The others who don't have it either don't want it, or were only temporararily without insurance (but were still counted), or are illegals, who shouldn't be counted at all.

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