>Sleeping Giant Waking Up

>Fox News’ ratings are through the roof as they stay on top of the big stories of the day in the face of attacks by the White House and those on the left. Protests and rallies are being held nationwide by people opposed to what this administration is doing to the American people. The Capitol switchboard is constantly jammed by constituents calling their so-called representatives to oppose legislation designed to take our freedom from us.

Conservative books are dominating the bestseller lists, Sarah Palin draws huge crowds to her book signing events, Glenn Beck’s and Bill O’Reilly’s tour is completely sold out months in advance, and their tv shows are the two highest-rated shows on television.

People on the side of truth have published on the web thousands of emails that prove the “science” behind global warming is a deliberate hoax. College students are exposing vast amounts of corruption in organizations that our president has had close ties to in the fairly recent past. Whistleblowers are reporting illegal intimidation tactics being used by the SEIU to force people to vote their way. Women are uniting online to empower each other and promote conservative values and liberty.

Religious leaders are standing up for God and the right to live by their beliefs and have signed a pledge to do so, even at the risk of being jailed; the Catholic Church has told a Kennedy he cannot take communion because of his position on abortion. Lawsuits have been filed – and won – against school districts that succumbed to pressure by the ACLU to violate students’ First Amendment rights.

People everywhere across this great land are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

We should be tracking how many gonads this administration has created or saved!!

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