>You Surround Them

>Parents, are your children starting to tell you about home safety, being “green,” even perhaps who they want for president? Are you getting the idea that the public school system is now nothing more than an Obama indoctrination day camp?

If you don’t put a stop to this now, they will destroy this country. Your children, who don’t know any better, will be nothing more than wards of the State.

If this concerns you, remember that right now, there are more of YOU than there are of THEM. These are YOUR kids. You are the parents. Put your foot down.


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  1. >Hey, Becky! How's it going??I agree the schools have been dumbed down and used to indoctrinate students for a while, but I've never seen it so targeted, blatant, and obvious as it is under this administration.Handing out forms for students to sign up to join the organization that used to be called "Obama for America?" Telling kids that they need to talk to their parents about the Obama agenda, and that it's sort of like the kids have to be the parents now? Telling kids to tell their parents they want to keep Obama as president? Changing the history in the textbooks, just like MO promised? No more studying history prior to 1877?The agenda now seems to be more than just dumbing the schools down. It seems Obama is trying to set himself up as "president" for life, and turn us into a 3rd world dictatorship.At least that's my take on it! Thanks for commenting!

  2. >The public school has been nothing more than a government indoctrination center since its inception. The stated goal of one of the two men who pushed so hard to get public schools founded back in the mid 1800s was to create a class of semi-literate laborers who don't know enough about their rights to question the government's actions. This didn't start with the Obama administration. It's been going on a while, now.

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