>Oh, Meghan…Honey…

>You said that “revolutions start with young people, not with 65 year old people talking about literacy tests and people who can’t say the word “Vote” in English.” I bet you think you’re so smart.

Well, Meggie, you should have your facts straight before you open your mouth. You need to study an actual revolution, and find out the ages of the men who started it.

Why don’t you start with THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION? In 1776, Thomas Jefferson was 33. John Hancock was 39, as was Thomas Paine. Patrick Henry was 40. Paul Revere and John Adams were 41. George Washington was 44. Samuel Adams was 54. AND BENJAMIN FRANKLIN WAS IN HIS 70’s.

I think the only thing really smart about you is your mouth. You would do well to ensure that what comes out of it is grounded in reality before you open it again. But that usually comes with age, and you seem so proud to be young and stu…well, anyway, I don’t hold out much hope of you doing that any time soon!

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