>Healthcare Summit

>I’m watching this dog and pony show, and the Democrats are all telling stories. They aren’t really offering anything of substance. The Republicans, on the other hand, are being specific, citing numbers and quoting sources, and making the point that the American people don’t want the bills being pushed through Congress and the Senate. That is, when they can get a word in between all the president’s rambling responses.

So the whole premise of the meeting is basically flawed and needs to be changed not to how the bills can be reconciled to be acceptable to Republicans, but WHETHER THEY ARE RIGHT FOR A FREE SOCIETY to begin with.

To their credit, the Republicans are sticking to their guns and requesting that the bill be scrapped and started over from scratch. Obama just shook his head when Boehner suggested that medical malpractice is a big cost-driver and now Obama is saying they need to drop the “talking points.” Unbelievable.

This is not about solving the health care problems. It’s about a government takeover of our health care system.

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