>Dear Katrina Heuvel: We Are NOT a "Democracy"

>I just read an article in the current (Mar 2010) issue of Whistleblower magazine written by Chelsea Schilling and titled “Democrats Plan to Steal the Vote.” It describes the left’s plan to corrupt our voting process by giving votes to felons, even those still incarcerated, through universal voter registration; install leftist Secretaries of State for the purpose of manipulating the vote count in key states; and grant voting rights to illegal aliens.

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has been working for months on legislation that he will introduce after the health care slime bill to institute universal voter registration. (Remember Nancy Pelosi’s promise that health care reform is only their opening act?)

The guise for this legislation is that, according to “The Nation,” owned by Marxist-leaning Katrina Heuvel, between two and four million people were “denied the right to vote” in the last election because of issues in the registration process.

I remember those issues. ACORN threw away registration forms from people who had registered as Republicans. They were also encouraging people to vote multiple times under fictitious names, thereby denying Republican and Independent voters the right to have their votes meaningfully counted.

Are these the two to four million people Mrs. Heuvel’s publication is trying to stand up for? Uh-uh. She is quoted in the article as saying the United States needs to be brought more in line with the registration rates in “other democracies” like Canada, France, Venezuela (!) and Russia (!!) that all allegedly have 90% voter registration rates. She also “blasted reforms” that “leave the burden of registration on the voter.” HUH??? Isn’t that where it should be? But I digress.

Mrs. Heuvel, hear me now: The United States of America IS NOT A DEMOCRACY. We are a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC.

In addition, did you learn nothing about government in your many years in school, shielded from the real world? Canada, France, Venezuela, and Russia ARE NOT DEMOCRACIES EITHER. They are examples of socialist oligarchies and socialist dictatorships.

Aren’t you a feminist? I think you need to get out from under the influence of your Russian studies professor husband and start thinking for yourself. That’s what we who live in the free (real) world do.

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