>Grab a Mop

>A case challenging gun restrictions in Washington, DC was dismissed on Friday. Read the details here.

Considering all the unpopular and illegal policy and procedure shenanigans going on in our government, I can totally understand why they don’t want people in DC to have access to guns.

But, this and other cases challenging tyranny are being dropped all over the place. I wonder how they’re getting to all these judges. Maybe this is where our stimulus money is going.

The White House is refusing to comply with Freedom of Information Act requests, and in some cases, actual subpoenas for documents. Just rejecting them, and being arrogant about it as if they don’t have to obey the laws. And no one is standing up to it.

Congress won’t make BO show his birth certificate, so we aren’t even assured that he’s eligible to be our president. Lawsuits brought to force the issue and assure our laws are obeyed are being dismissed, and no one is standing up.

Congressmen and Senators are being bribed for their votes to pass ILLEGAL legislation. In most cases, WITH OUR MONEY. The “president” thinks he can overturn legislation with executive orders (just who does he think he is, anyway, king?). And no one is standing up.

In voting for these illegal laws designed to subjugate and control the American people and “fundamentally transform America,” each and every public servant is in violation of his or her oath of office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC. I submit that they are acting like domestic enemies of our Constitution, and no one is standing up.

Next up is amnesty for illegal aliens, to assure themselves of enough votes to stay in power permanently. With the wind at their backs after shoving health “care” legislation through using illegal and unethical tactics, they will try this next, to permanently alter our society.

They do not have the authority to change this country. Stand up. Grab a mop. Wipe the floor with them in November.

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