>America Needs Political Warriors

>I just received a donation request from a Dr. Dan Benishek who wants to unseat Bart Stupak. A worthy goal. He is running on a “repeal Obamacare” platform. I just sent him the following via his campaign website:

Dr. Benishek,

I applaud your zeal for America and wish you success. But please realize that if you get elected, you will be needed and expected to do much more than just work to repeal Obamacare.

Many more battles must be fought – repealing federal agencies such as the EPA and the NEA and returning these responsibilities to the states, getting the unions out of our government, getting the government out of the auto, student loan, housing, financial, and energy industries and eliminating federal subsidies in areas that should be left to the private marketplace, getting rid of activist judges, to name just a few.

Are you willing and able to dedicate your life to these goals? Because we will need every ounce of dedication from our public officials to make hard decisions if America is to be returned to her great Founding Principles and government cut back down to size. I hope you will think long and hard about this because we can’t afford to accept anything less than total dedication and staunch resistance to the pull of political power from our public officials. In short, we need people able to make tough calls based on Constitutional principles, and stand by them.

Have you studied the Constitution? Do you have the fortitude not to cave to the pressure that forces against freedom will use to wear you down – against you and your family? Are you able to remain above reproach so there is no skeleton they can use to control you?

These are all questions you need to really think long and hard about, and discuss with your family so you can be prepared for what you are facing. America deserves no less than total dedication at this critical time. Please make sure you are up to the task. We simply can’t afford to elect anyone who isn’t.

I think this is a good message for anyone who is considering running for office these days; “repeal Obamacare” isn’t nearly enough for America.

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