>Is He, or Is He Not?

>Obama has said that if we want to know who he is, to look at the people he surrounds himself with. I have blogged about this before.

Well, let’s look at just a few more of these people Obama has surrounded himself with:

Mark Lloyd, appointed to the FCC, who wants white people to “step down” from their positions so people of color can have “their turn.”

Van Jones, former green jobs “czar,” who believes that “white people are directing poisons into the neighborhoods of people of color.”

Need I mention Rev. Wright, who spews racial hatred – er, I mean black liberation theology, in his “church” Obama and Michelle attended for 20 years?

And now Obama wants Donald Berwick, who believes that medical decisions in the US are based on skin color and we need a “radical transfer of power,” to head up Medicaid and Medicare.

I ask you, who is acting like a racist here?

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