>Stealing Is Not the Way to a Better Life

>My mom, dad, little brother and two little sisters all moved to Scottsdale, AZ right after I got married, in early 1970. Mom and Dad lived there for 30 years; the kids all left when they came of age. I visited many times over the years, and was just sickened to see those pictures that have made the rounds that show the dumping grounds that the fragile and beautiful desert has been turned into by illegals crossing the border.

It is obvious the people crossing the border illegally have no respect for the land, they have no respect for the law, they have no respect for others, and they have no respect for themselves. They only want to take, and not give back. They do not care about how much suffering they are causing, or how much damage they are doing to our land or our social systems, or the fact that they are stealing from us – with the consent and even encouragement of our government, it would seem.

Let me be clear: I am speaking of the drug and human smugglers, AS WELL AS THE OTHERS WHO ARE COMING HERE ILLEGALLY FOR EMPLOYMENT. The people who “only want a better life” will NOT achieve that if they are stealing it. We have all been asked, probably when very young and in school, the question “Is it right to steal?” followed up by “What if you have 4 kids to feed?” This line of questioning was designed to get us to question our sense of right and wrong; a liberal/progressive tactic to help push us toward moral relativism. Of course, the correct answer is that stealing is always wrong; the circumstances or the reason may make the act understandable, or even forgivable, but they do not make it RIGHT.

When people do wrong, something happens inside, something changes; and those changes lead to loss of self-respect, and then to loss of all respect. Their “guidance systems” get damaged. People who do wrong damage not only others, but themselves. It’s a self-feeding vicious circle. If we are to show REAL compassion, we should be encouraging and even forcing people to do what is right, and not allowing them to do what is wrong.

At any rate, there will be a lot of accounts to settle, on all sides, when people face their Maker.

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