>Colorado Governor’s Race – WHEW!!

>If you have been keeping up, you are aware of the wild ride we are having in Colorado’s governor’s race. If not, here’s a recap:

Two weak candidates got on the Republican primary ballot; we found out late in the game that they both have serious ethical issues. Former Congressman Tom Tancredo asked the Republican party to get the primary winner (Dan Maes) to step down, and put him (Tom) on the ballot because of these issues which he thinks would make either one vulnerable to the Democrat candidate, Denver Mayor Hickenlooper. The Republican party refused, and Tom registered with the American Constitution party and is now on the ballot.

So, the governor’s race in Colorado boils down to this: We have another “primary” election within the general election. Tom Tancredo is definitely the more conservative candidate, but the way he did this has upset a lot of people within the Republican party. He basically went back on his beliefs about third party candidates splitting the Republican vote (which they do) and virtually handing the election to the Dems. Regardless…


I have been struggling with the way this was done, because I too believe a third party splits the Republican vote, but came to this realization: If Tom Tancredo had been on the ballot from the very beginning, I would have backed him. I think he truly believes he’s doing the right thing or he would not be doing it at all. I have gotten beyond the method he used to get on the ballot, and have decided to support him, as have many others in our local 9-12 group, and across Colorado, as the poll numbers indicate.

Momentum seems to be building in Tom’s direction. We are having a “meet and greet” next Tuesday with him, and Carl and I are picking up some campaign literature and signs, etc, to help with the “visuals.” If people see the signs, and hear the numbers, more people will vote for him because WE CANNOT LET ANOTHER DEMOCRAT BECOME GOVERNOR. Especially if you don’t want your beautiful state to become an illegal sanctuary.

If you live in Colorado, and if you know others who live in Colorado, please ask them to support Tom Tancredo. He’s the best, strongest conservative candidate, regardless of his method of getting on the ballot. Bottom line.

Please feel free to forward this to others and ask them to visit Tom’s website (linked above) and read his “Contract with Colorado.” He’s a strong proponent of this type of contract and has long supported them. Also, please talk about this to people you know, and hopefully others will vote for Tom. You have sway that you’re not aware of and have the ability to help elect a true conservative who will not be bullied by the federal government, and will be a strong pro-freedom, pro-Colorado, and pro-America governor.

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