>Your Freedom Is at Risk

>If you think politics doesn’t affect your life, you are so wrong. Please watch today’s Glenn Beck show. It will be posted later today. The most terrifying part comes about 20 minutes or so into his show. He tells about how America is being “de-developed” with the goal of bringing us down to the living standards of the rest of the world, and he gives three examples of how this is already being done by the czars Obama has appointed.

The most obvious effect this will start to have is fewer choices of products you want to buy. For instance, in 2012 we will only be able to buy those deadly mercury-vapor-filled light bulbs that require you to call a hazmat team if you break one. And, have you noticed more occasions of empty space on the shelves in the grocery stores lately? Get used to it. This is only for starters. Look for this trend to spread.

If you care about your own freedom and that of your children, and the way of life you enjoy, you must keep up with what is going on and know the truth and at least VOTE and talk to people. If you don’t, and if you just go along with your head buried, don’t come crying to me or anyone else when things aren’t how you want them to be because you will only have yourself to blame.

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