>Dear Senator McConnell:

>Dear Senator McConnell: The American people, by rising up and putting conservatives in office, are telling our elected officials that we expect strong leadership who will return us to a free market and get government out of areas it has no business in, such as school lunches, lifestyle choices, and promoting the green agenda.

We do not expect the new leadership to find ways to work with Obama. We do not expect you to merely refrain from enacting legislation that would further threaten our freedom; we expect you to start rolling things back, in AT LEAST AS BIG A WAY as the Democrats have pushed things through. With or without Obama.

We expect the law to be upheld, and we expect thorough and effective investigations launched into corruption and other violations of the law, with prosecutions for every infraction. We expect you to return government to its Constitutionally defined role and limits. We expect you to enact policies that put the people first because after all, the government is not America; WE THE PEOPLE ARE AMERICA.

In short, we cannot afford any more of what we have put up with in the past. I hope our elected officials realize how concerned we are about the attacks on our economy and our freedom that we feel are being promoted by the current administration, and not being addressed by the Republican leadership. We hope America will not go down that road any further, and we expect you to help us turn around and go the other way.

America was set up to maximize the individual, and minimize government. We need to return to that. If others want to live under socialism and tyranny, let them move to Venezuela or Cuba, and let them get out of my country.

In case you think that big wins in November will placate us and you can go back to business as usual, I feel obligated to tell you that we are in this fight for our freedom, for limited government, and a return to Founding principles, for the long haul.

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