>Obama Buying Votes – Where’d the Money Come From?

>The thugs in our government are buying votes with settlements from huge class action lawsuits against the feds – notably two recent lawsuits having to do with agriculture. You probably remember the Pigford case, and now there is this one in South Dakota.

Do you think the money is from the unspent stimulus fund? I DO. So the left is using your tax dollars to fund their hoped-for American demise via these rabid criminals who are now infesting our government.

They know right from wrong. They know they are doing wrong. They are condemning themselves, and dragging others down with them.

That is their ultimate goal; to take as many as they can to hell with them. Don’t be among the condemned. Keep yourself and your loved ones – especially your children – far away from these fools and their false and evil ideology.

Whatever they are for, you must be against. Whatever they are against, you must be for. That is how good will ultimately prevail – through you, clinging to your values.

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