>Dear Congressional Representative:

> Dear Representative:

I am very disturbed by the president’s apparent support for the anti-Mubarak protests in Egypt, especially considering that the only organized opposition group is the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a sworn enemy of the US. President Obama has apparent ties to this organization through his – shall we say – friendly overtures to them in the past. Please see: http://www.wnd.com/?pageId=258937.

I believe that working to aid the collapse of a government entity that has been a friend to the US is tantamount to treason, and at the very least an impeachable offense. The president should not be doing anything that could be construed in the slightest way as being anti-American, and yet we see time and again his actions that are questionable at the least, and even go so far as to be suspicious.

I would encourage members of Congress not to close their eyes to the facts. We cannot live in a state of denial in matters of national security. I urge you not to ignore this huge threat to America.

Thank you for listening.

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