>Dick Morris Feb. 4, 2011

> Dick Morris’ February 4, 2011 newsletter predicting Republican victories in 2012 that would give the Republicans a majority in the US Senate is good news indeed. Good news for the country, for freedom, and for those of us who do not want to live under a totalitarian regime.

Mr. Morris’ elitism was on display, though, in one of his comments: “Jim Webb (D-Va) has raised very little money, speaks with ambivalence about Obama’s programs, and has not yet decided whether to run. George Allen’s announced challenge to his re-election should cool him off even further and he’ll probably drop out. Not a sure pickup but, if the Republican Party nominates Allen — and not some later day Christine O’Donnell – we should be all right.” [emphasis mine]

Let’s be clear about this. The Republican Insiders, ticked off at the Tea Party and determined to teach us little people a lesson, threw her overboard. Hung her out to dry. Abandoned her. They wanted their left-leaning RINO in there. The Insiders huffed and puffed about who The Voters chose to be their candidate.

Instead of keeping their traps shut and throwing her some support, and showing party solidarity and respect for Ms. O’Donnell and The Voters, which would have been the right thing to do, the Republican Insiders said she couldn’t win. They campaigned against her, in other words, and handed that election to a Democrat.

I am not alone in this position, and I have to wonder why Mr. Morris included that unseemly statement. That election is over. Why bring it up now? Why make such a negative statement about someone who lost an election, and why this particular someone? Were there no other Republican candidates who got defeated in 2010?

Just speculating here, but was Dick’s reference to Ms. O’Donnell’s defeat that came at the hands of the Republican party Insiders a warning for the Tea Party? A shot across the bow for 2012? Was he sending a message to all of us out here in flyover country to mind our own little lives and let the Insiders handle the elections? (We see how well that works out!) Was he trying to put us in our place? Keep us down? Show us who’s boss?

Perhaps he was just recounting history; perhaps he included that statement deliberately, to remind everyone what happens when the people start to show too much “will.” In either case, it would seem the gauntlet is thrown.

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