Obama Wants to Tax Your Church to Fund Propaganda

Obama, calling it a “faith-based initiative,” wants to tax churches and then fund churches that preach environmentalism, climate change, and all the other lies and propaganda that go along with these issues. I can smell Van Jones from my desk. This is nothing more than a scheme to funnel money away from right-leaning churches toward left-leaning causes, and it may even be unconstitutional.

I tell you, unconstitutional or not, it’s anti-God. God gave man dominion over the earth, not the other way around, but these leftist wackos would have us believe that man is destroying the earth. Here’s why they want us to believe that: SO WE WILL HAVE NOTHING AND THEY WILL HAVE EVERYTHING.

Think about it: How many stories about Al Gore’s electricity bills, the parties at the White House, Nancy Pelosi’s $100k per year booze tabs, Obama’s continual golf dates and vacations, new federal fees and taxes everywhere we turn, bailouts that use OUR MONEY to pay off Wall Street fat cats and union bosses and now churches that preach leftist propaganda, do we have to endure before we figure out that his (and the rest of these radicals’) philosophy is "less for you means more for me?"

How many phony crises can they think up to keep us panicked and distracted so we will not be able to think clearly? How many news articles do we have to read about child indoctrination beginning in KINDERGARTEN AND FIRST GRADE before we wake up and get our kids out of public schools, and dry up the federal money they get for attendance? Was the story about the radical homosexual who was appointed "safe schools czar" not enough?

How many lies can these deceitful people think up to take our money away from us and give it to their allies and cronies, and steal the minds of future generations to keep themselves in power; and how many of those lies will we continue to fall for, or let go unchallenged? How many of our neighbors do we let go on believing the lies, because of our own – well, cowardice? (I include myself here.)

These may be harsh words to hear but the truth is often harsh. However, the truth is the position of real power. It is impossible to knock someone off the truth. And God’s truth, that we should not covet, lie, envy, steal, murder, or commit adultery, and that we should have no other gods before Him (such as material possessions), and we should love our neighbors as we love ourselves, is the ultimate power, is it not? So those who violate these truths are therefore vulnerable, are they not?

People, we who live by God’s laws are in the right. We have the power of the Truth. I exhort you: embrace it, know it, believe it, feel it, and live it, come what may.

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