Tea Party Doing Its Job!

Dear Mr. Speaker:

Do not raise the debt ceiling. Do not spend more in the next budget than the last; freeze spending at current levels. Do not give the president any more of a stranglehold on our wages than he already has.

Social Security, Medicare, and veterans’ and teachers’ and firefighters’ salaries are not in danger of being withheld unless Obama withholds them instead of cutting spending to favored pet programs that are not necessary to the running of this country. He is merely posturing for political gain, while we are worried about our lives here.

Washington is out of control, so We the People are taking control. Americans elected Tea Party conservatives to Congress FOR JUST THIS MOMENT. They are doing what we elected them to do. We are going to elect more of them in 2012 because we are going to roll back our out-of-control government, so get used to it.

Things are going to change. You are either with the American people or against the American people. You decide, and keep in mind that we are taking note.

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