States Should Secede

I think all 50 states, or enough to make a difference, should secede from the feds, and stop sending “revenue” to Washington. Keep the money in the state. It would go a lot farther, have more accountability, and would starve the federal government back down to size.

If we must send them money, ONLY SEND THEM WHAT THEY SENT US LAST YEAR. And no more of this baseline budgeting garbage. It should be up to the STATES how much money they send the federal government, based on the amount and quality of federal services received. Oh, and deduct any amounts for programs that are federally-mandated.

Just don’t send them the money in the first place. We all know they are funneling it to their own interests and not using it for Social Security, etc. Our schools would improve drastically if we kept our own money here and did away with the Dept of Education, to name just one instance of waste and theft.

It seems they sit around up there and think up ways to spend it, but they wouldn’t be able to do that if they didn’t have the money in the first place. So just stop sending them the money!

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