Colorado Theater Shooting and Gun Control

Last night in a theater in Aurora, a gun that had unholstered itself, loaded itself, and somehow made it to the theater carrying tear gas canisters, went on a rampage and killed 12 people, wounding up to 50 more.

No, this is not a joke; it is the narrative that gun control freaks want you to believe about what happened in that theater last night. Guns kill, right? Or maybe it’s the gun laws that kill. Let’s look at that.

The theater in question is ironically known as a gun-free SAFETY zone. There is a law here that says that people do not have a right to protect themselves in certain locations, including businesses whose misguided and uninformed owners decide they don’t like guns and want to ban them from their premises.

Law-abiding people will respect this law; criminals or those with evil intent will seek out these locations as easy targets, knowing the only resistance they might encounter will be from other criminals who got there first. They gotta like those odds.

Can you imagine what would have possibly been the outcome in that theater last night if every patron had been carrying a weapon, and had the training to deal with various scenarios? I am not all-seeing, but even I can say with a very high degree of certainty that he would have been stopped long before he had a chance to kill 12 and injure 50.

So I say to all you gun-control idiots: Guns don’t kill people; your insane gun control laws kill people. And I’ll go so far as to say that YOU, with your cockamamie ideas, kill people.

I live for the day when we have mandated firearms training for every citizen, starting at age 12. Then we’ll see how many shooters are nuts enough go into public places and start shooting.

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