People Shouldn’t BE ALLOWED to Own Guns?

I just thought about this statement, and it reveals way more than his position on gun ownership. The very thought that people have to “be allowed” to do anything encapsulates his entire worldview, and proves he is a Marxist to the core. It also shows just how wide and deep his tyrant streak runs. It’s really quite shocking. In fact, it is pathological.

He thinks fellow human beings should not do anything unless “allowed.” Presumably with him doing the “allowing.” But judging from the past 3.75 years, he is much more inclined to say “no” than to “allow” people to do things. Unless you’re a Muslim or an illegal alien, that is. Then, the sky’s the limit! Knock yourself out!

How sick and twisted is his view of humanity. He really is a sociopathic radical Marxist who thinks of people as objects. We are not human to him; we are nothing to him. That is pure evil. HE is pure evil.

If he is not defeated, and then drummed out of American politics for good, we will see another Holocaust – and this one will be worse than the last one because it will wipe freedom completely off the face of the earth.

You Know I’m Right.


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