Tuesday Night at the Convention

I watched the live feed of the Republican National Convention yesterday. It was interesting listening to the state delegations brag on their states, list accomplishments, and show their pride.

Also interesting were the speakers and their speeches. I noticed the evening showcased the strong, smart, and very able WOMEN in the Republican party. Even the men who spoke gave high praise to their moms and wives for their sacrifices, strength, dedication to raising their children to be upstanding adults, and the many lessons they left them with.

It was very obvious also, listening to women such as Mia Love, Nikki Haley, Kelly Ayotte, Luce’ Fortuno, and in particular Ann Romney, that conservative women are HAPPY. They are content! And they are profoundly proud of their families; their parents, children, and spouses.

Also, they did not look or sound battle-weary to me, as if they are defending themselves in a war on women.

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