Help Defeat Keith Ellison

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Keith Ellison is one of two members of Congress who are admittedly Muslim. Maj. Chris Fields is running against him. Here is some of what Maj. Fields has to say about Keith Ellison:

“Since getting elected in 2006, Ellison has lobbied against our fundamental American values at every turn.  He voted to cut funding for our troops, attacked the Pledge of Allegiance, teamed up with Barney Frank to undermine the free market, and argued against having the word “God” in the Democrats’ official platform. Now he’s focusing his anger on Republicans.  Ellison recently accused the GOP is ‘a bigoted party’ in a Mother Jones article.

“There’s no doubt about it.  Keith Ellison is militantly anti-America.

“As a retired U.S. Marine who served in Iraq in 2007, I will not tolerate this type of blatant disrespect for America.  That’s why I’m challenging Keith Ellison and his despicable agenda. It’s going to be an uphill battle, but with 21 years in the Marine Corps under my belt, I’m up for the challenge.”

“Keith Ellison is a loose cannon who will do and say whatever he wants with no regard to the consequences.  He does not care that his toxic rhetoric is bad for America at this decisive time in our history—as long as it furthers his selfish political agenda.  We can’t allow Ellison continue his anti-America antics.”

Contribute to Maj. Chris Fields


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