Sent to my Useless Senators

Dear Senator:

I am disgusted by the efforts of those on the extreme left to interfere with our right as human beings to protect and defend ourselves, our families, and our property, and which is codified in our Constitution that you are sworn to uphold, protect, and defend.

Senator Feinstein’s bill is nothing short of a direct attack on the right of American citizens to be at least as well-armed as those who would seek to attack us. The police force cannot intercede until after a crime has been committed, so it is up to us to safeguard ourselves. In fact, we have a duty to protect ourselves so that criminals cannot overrun our society.

In addition, any move by government to render its citizens helpless and vulnerable is tyranny, which our Founders knew, which is why the Bill of Rights was written with the provisions of self-defense in second place. What part of “shall not be infringed” do people not understand?

I sincerely hope you take the side of law-abiding people and vote against any effort to suppress our right as free citizens to remain so.

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