Thanksgiving Disappointment

Dear grocers:

I love Thanksgiving. I love the big meal, the planning, the sights and smells, working for two days on pies and side dishes and dinner rolls. I love the anticipation, the preparations, and having it come out perfect.

And I really love turkey! I love the leftovers, the skin, the dark meat too – it’s really the centerpiece of the holiday meal for me. Everything else is secondary to the turkey.

That is why I am so disappointed, and more so every year. I cannot find a decent turkey in any store. I have bought turkeys at natural stores, warehouse stores, discount stores, and meat stores. I have bought fresh turkeys, frozen turkeys, smoked turkeys, roasted turkeys, turkey breasts, and marinated turkeys. They all disappoint greatly.

Especially the so-called and fraudulently-labled “fresh” turkeys. They are all previously frozen, and if sold as “fresh,” merely thawed before selling. My turkey this year (from Walmart, labeled as “fresh, minimally processed”) had so much blood in the package that it was apparent this was not a “fresh” turkey. It came out dry, and the thigh meat – usually very succulent – was rubbery! It even tasted like it had been sitting around for a while – instead of turkey, it tasted like the inside of the refrigerator. No, the package was not open, nor did it have a hole in it. It just wasn’t fresh.

Next year I’m going to look for a farm and buy one directly from them. To heck with all you grocers who can’t sell, once a year, when you have a year’s notice, a quality turkey.  –You Know I’m Right

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